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Dear Donor,

We are pleased that you are considering the opportunity to donate toward what is set to be one of the most significant impact movements of the year. The perfect storm of the COVID-19 pandemic and the current civil unrest has thrown the already broken foster care system into a national crisis. The pandemic has left some children with no where to go; regular in-person supervision, has diminished, in some states, investigators of child abuse were so fearful of spreading the illness they spoke to children over video chat, instead of going inside and refused to move the children because they were afraid of bringing the virus to another family.

As the democrats and republicans fought furiously for control of the country this past election season children in foster care fell even further by the wayside. The high-level silence is the norm—advocates say, because the young people who bear the full impact cannot vote. In an election year framed as a referendum on Donald Trump, foster care does not lend itself well to traditional partisan divides in politics.

The vicious cycle is this—the government takes a kid out of their family to make that child’s life better, the government’s interaction chronically fails at a grim rate. This has spawned our 'lofty goal of creating a mobile application to align every one of the approximately 20,000 young people emancipating out of the foster care system with a mentor and ‘village’ for life. We are also producing a four-part docuseries to spotlight the challenges and triumphs of thousands of foster care youth aging out of the system that will ultimately raise the public’s awareness of the struggles they face. 


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