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“RESILIENT” A Post October 7 Documentary





“RESILIENT” A Post October 7 Documentary

Embark on a powerful journey through the lens of american mental health experts, trauma therapist Elan Javanfard M.A., L.M.F.T., and somatic healer Chava Floryn as they explore the profound effects of trauma and the resilience that emerges during wartime in Israel.

This post-October 7th documentary delves into the narratives of diverse families, young individuals on the front lines, and the quest for hope and healing amidst the ravages of war.

Questions they intend to answer include:

“What does healing look like during war time?”

“What heroic stories of resilience are we able to glean from these uncertain times?”

“How do Israelis manage their resilient spirit during conflict?”

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Rebbetzin Chava Floryn Tombosky
Rebbetzin Chava Floryn Tombosky

on 01/28/2024, 8:27 AM (6 months ago)